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Portfolio: Website

Migration Period

Multimedia website for progrock-project Migration Period. The main idea was to create a visual and music player containing artwork and music from the new album.

Alina Hoile

Clean and beautiful website for visual artist and photographer¬†Alina Hoile. Basic idea was to create website for Alina’s photography and other works. Alina work with wonderful and contemporary artists and musicians like Lasse Hoile, Steven Wilson, Telefone Tel Aviv, Dmitriy Fedorov.¬†

Dark Echo Studio

Website for recording studio “Dark Echo”. The studio produce and recording Rock, Progressive and Eclectic music and adjacent genres.

Decord Studio

Visit card website of recording studio “Decord studio” The client don’t need a full functionality of the website for now.

Dmitriy Fedorov

Functionality website for Russian musician, producer and record engineer Dmitriy Fedorov.

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